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Our services are designed to control production tool profit curves using a comprehensive approach throughout a lifetime.

We specialise in the support of automation projects, and our involvement with prime contractors, industrial equipment manufacturers, and their sub-contractors, extends to the construction of virtual installations.

We combine operational simulation products with high-level skills and methodology in the fields of mechanical and electrical design validation, functional analysis, writing of testing, adjustment and acceptance documentation. Our services combine three objectives :

::   Investment optimisation using a realistic definition of initial production values, thus reducing design, development and on-site integration phases.
::   Control of quality and time deadlines using validation procedures at each stage of project, analysis of all sources of non-production, constant adjustment and operator training.
::   Operating cost control using precise and reliable measurement of the real capacity of a production tool and diagnosis of any discrepancy in relation to nominal values.
Beyond the field of new equipment, our approach also concerns existing structures, both in current operation or undergoing renovation.

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